Window Mirror Cleaner

Window Mirror Cleaner

Window Mirror Cleaner is a multi purpose window sills and mirror cleaner that effortlessly provides a streak free and crystal clear result for every use. Effectively works in beautifying a variety of counter top surfaces such as granite, marble, tile and laminates. Provides a clean shine to appliance surfaces.

Product Details

  • Streak Free Glass & Mirror Cleaner
  • Muti Purpose Cleaner for household and commercial surface cleaning
  • Effective on granite, marble, stainless steel and laminated counter tops
  • Use for cleaning kitchen, household and commercial appliances

Product Applications

  • Spray 6-8” directly onto the surface. Wipe dry with a clean lint free cloth/towel.

Can Be Used On:

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Available in 32 oz, 1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gal