Surge is an ultra powder that enhances cleaning strength of typical detergents, cleaners and soaps. For best results make sure to apply and clean with hot water. Always test Surge on inconspicuous area first. Rinse, allow to dry. Safe on colorfast fabrics only.


  • Step 1: Follow manufacturer’s instructions for water temperature and for cleaning garment or item.
  • Step 2: Surge works best in warm to hot water. If washing with cold water, first dissolve Surge in 16 oz. of warm to hot water. Add to cold water.
  • Step 3: Treat stains while fresh. Always rinse well with cool water. Do not place fabric that has not been thoroughly rinsed into dryer.
  • Step 4: Some stains require repeated or longer treatments. Adding more Surge powder than directed increases the risk of color loss.

For Top Loader

  • Fill your washer with water. Just add Surge and your detergent before adding laundry. Use one scoop for regular loads, or more for large or heavily soiled loads.

For H.E Washers

  • Add Surge into the washer before adding laundry. 1-2 Scoops. Do not add or mix Surge into the dispenser. Please read your HE owner’s manual for specific instructions.

For Tough Laundry Stains, such as Tablecloths and Uniforms

  • Step 1: Mix 2 to 4 scoops per one gallon of water.
  • Step 2: Soak 1 to 5 hours (scrub if necessary).
  • Step 3: Wash as normal.

For Soft Surface Stains, such as Carpets & Upholstery

  • Step 1: Mix 1 scoop per 16 oz of water. Remove excess stain before treating.
  • Step 2: Apply enough solution to saturate stain. Allow solution to stand 1-5 minutes. Do not allow solution to dry on fabrics.
  • Step 3: Blot with a white towel. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until stain is not visible.
  • Step 4: Rinse with clean water and blot until dry.

Do NOT Use Surge on

  • Wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics labeled dry clean only.
  • Jewelry, latex paints, woven baskets, unpainted wicker, jute, teak, or finished woods. Metals must not be soaked and must be rinsed immediately and thoroughly.
  • Rust, dried paint, or bleach damage. Safe for septic tanks.

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