Ca Clean


Clean Surface Chems’ Ca Clean neutralizes and removes mineral, hard water and lime stains from most hard surface areas. So easy to use, just spray or pour onto stains.

Product Details

  • Removes mineral, hard water and lime stains
  • Indoors: Bathrooms (shower doors, tile floors)
  • Outdoors: Windows and Pool areas (tile & coping)
  • Spray directly onto stains
  • Pour onto heavy stains
  • Fast acting
  • No Solvents!

Product Applications:
For Hard Stains:
Allow for longer penetration and dwell time before scrubbing & wiping clean.

Outdoor Areas (Pool Tiles):
Spray or pour directly onto affected area utilizing a scrub brush to emulsify and remove stains.

Works On

  • Shower doors, mirrors and windows
  • Tile and tile grouting
  • Pool areas where tile appears stained
  • Landscaping water falls or any water stained surface
  • House siding, concrete, tile, and other outdoor surfaces

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Available in 32 oz, 1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gal